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Crisp, foggy mornings and mind-blowing colors. Yep, it's fall again. Farmers' markets are the perfect spot to enjoy this season's glorious harvest and have a cup of coffee, preferably with a dear friend. The woods are full of various kinds of mushrooms which are only waiting to be foraged by curious souls. So let's embrace this season, its produce, and the way of slow living; fresh and simple cooking, baking, good reads, some knitting, spending time both outdoors and indoors, a glass of red wine. I hope you'll find some inspiration here. Cause that's what I want this space to do. To inspire you to cook and bake. To inspire you to live by the seasons. To inspire you to gather around a table and make you see and appreciate the beauty of fresh, local produce.

My recipes tell a story about who I once was and who I am now. They tell a story about my childhood summers spent at our summer cottage by the lake in Southern Finland and countless berry picking and mushroom foraging trips. They tell about the many hours I spent in the kitchen with my dear Oma making Bavarian treats, such as Spätzle and Zwetschgendatschi. They tell about traveling round the world for 11 months with just a 10 kilo backpack on my shoulders; enjoying an asado in a small gaucho town in Argentina or drinking Tibetan butter tea in the Sichuan mountains. They are also about my current life as a twenty-something graduate student madly in love with cooking, baking, and photography.

On this site, you'll find recipes and stories that have been inspired by the Nordic seasons and nature; the cold winters and endless summer days. Recipes using fresh ingredients with vibrant colors and flavors that hopefully find their way right into your heart. I hope you enjoy your time here! xx


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