November Love&Inspiration

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So much to get excited about! Here are some of my favorites... Have fun browsing.


(And to all my American friends to there: hope you survived Thanksgiving!)

» Some of my favorite November posts. Oh, and the most awaited post of the season.

» Music I have been listening to lately.

» For the holiday season: 23 ways to make your pie more beautiful

» This new to me blog. Breathtakingly gorgeous. And I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this blog before.

» Her courage is incredible. Watch Deb's falsh mob before her double mastectomy. You go girl! 

» Are you on the lookout for a mind-blowing cocktail recipe for the holidays? This may be the one.

» a “Thelma and Louise”-ish weekend with Georgia Pellegrini. This may be the right time to confess that I've always wanted to go hunting... Like for elks. Or pheasants.

» The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. "Cars are so yesterday. Bikes are the future." I've known about this innovation for quite a long time already but it's always great to see the faces behind the products! See the video.

» This wonderful Swedish blog is now also in English.

» An Advent calendar for him. Handsome, right? For more Christmas inspiration, follow my Pinterest board

» Looking for a great granola recipe? I made this delicious one (I mixed in some sesame seeds and millet) and am eager to try this Cashew Butter Granola from London Bakes. Nothing beats homemade granola for breakfast.

» This book and this movie.

» Essential Thanksgiving

» Joy the Baker now has an online show. BONKERS AWESOME!

currently reading: Winter Journal by Paul Auster
currently knitting: my first socks in over 10 years! wish me luck.