December Love&Inspiration

cones :: my blue&white kitchen

» Some of my favorite December posts.

» Music for cold winter days. (We've had a crazy warm winter here but at least I can pretend it was cold outside... Makes totally no sense, I know.)

» Still looking for a New Year's Eve drink? What about this, this, or this?

» I would love to have one of these hanging on my wall.

» For New Year's Eve: Avocado & Pomegranate Crostini

» Break Your Heart Winter Reading – I want to read The Light Between Oceans.

» This tv commercial. Got to love hens.

» I could browse for hours through this new to me blog. I especially love the woodsy weekend photos.

» Girl Crush

» Oooh! I simply love Helga Isager. Browse through these wonderful patterns

» I will never look at sugar cubes the way I used to... Homemade Angostura Sugar Cubes from Carey Nershi.

» Pomegranates. In my morning granola, in my lunch salad, on the floor. Everywhere.

» DIY homemade lip gloss

» The Golden Goose – "The killing day had finally come."

» Fishing Alaskan Crab

» 20 Time Nigella Lawson Proves She Is a Goddess Among Us  – I'm not so sure about that goddess thing but I surely might even like her after this.

» I want to have Baked Bananas and Hazelnut Pancakes for breakfast.

» Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

Every Christmas I read a novel by Haruki Murakami. It started with Norwegian Wood a couple of years ago. This year I read Kafka on the Shore.


Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!

xx, Sini