January Love&Inspiration

my blue&white kitchen

I've been amazed by the sparkling snow lately.
This is how it looks like through a camera lens. #nofilter

Here is a list of posts, recipes, music, articles, and generally just things that have inspired me during January. Happy browsing!

» Some of my favorite January posts.

» Music that made my heart sing.

» The incredibly talented and brave photojournalist Meeri Koutaniemi and how she witnessed female genital mutilation in a Masai village in Kenya. No words.

» I'm a huge admirer of Beth Kirby's work so I just loved to read this interview.

» You're welcome to freak out with me: Coconut Cream Pie French Toast by Minimalist Baker.

» This post about green garlic germs was interesting. Before, I've both removed and left them unattended which basically means I've had no idea what to think of them.

» Loved to read this. Aren't they adorable? And that look on Bev's face. Wonders of life.

» Have to make these soon. Loved the Bonkers Awesome episode with Ree!

» How to make flavored coffee creamer at home.

» The New York Subway in 1981

» Eat like a Swede – could also be labeled as "Eat like a Finn" (except #8 & #10)

» This beautifully written post left me speechless and with tears in my eyes.

» The History of Fika: Swedish Coffee Break

» I love this fruit map.

» On repeat.

» What about a cup of salted rosemary latte?

» 100 Notable Books of 2013

» Lovely Indian vibe - Box of Spice

» Dance party. Yeah, like on Grey's Anatomy.


I also started two new knitting projects this month:
this scarf (it's like knitting a cloud) and this pullover in a lovely moss green color

Both patterns are from Helga Isager's The Map Collection. A truly lovely collection.

Would love to hear about some of your January favorites as well!


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