May Love&Inspiration

my blue&white kitchen

Is it really the last day of May already? Wow, time flies by so fast. I'm eager for all that summer goodness; farmer's markets, fresh products, ice cream, lazy days spent at our summer cottage by the lake, weddings, berry picking trips, long summer nights... I'm ready for you, summer!

I know, I know. This is quite a loooong list but there has been so much going on in May! Enjoy.

» My favorite posts.

» To my sweet boy.

» I've been enjoying Wit & Delight lately.

» Have you ever wondered why we Finns and other Nordic people rave about our summers and the midnight sun? Is it really that big a thing? Well, see for yourself.

» Want to learn from the fabulous Diane Cu and Todd Porter of White On Rice Couple? Join me and watch the free live broadcast on CreativeLive – Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling course on June 05 – 07 9:00am – 4:00pm.

» Stumbled upon this amazing Zurich-based blog.

» For the last four weeks, I've been eating homemade bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook: boule, deli-style rye bread, naan, baguette, wurzelbrot, crusty sandwich loaves. Revolutionary is a big word, but it's true for this one. This book is revolutionary. Phenomenal. Stunning. A keeper.

» Let's eat (and also drink) rhubarb as much as we possible can!

» Loved this post on food photography and capturing motion on Edible Perspective.

» Why I now avoid Chinese garlic.

» Enjoyed reading these two interviews on Food52.

» Swedish rhubarb madness.

» An interesting read about cookbook deals (and on turning them down).

» This song. 

» Learn to make Chinese steamed buns and pickled ginger

» I've been enjoying The Lively Show lately. Jess is not only a crazy talented lady herself but she always finds guests who are truly inspiring souls.

» Going to make these absolutely amazing looking ricotta gnocchi from The Tart Tart with nettles! Ricotta gnocchi are my absolute favorites.

» Green Kitchen Stories has now an own video channel on Youtube! *happydance*

» I know I'm a bit late on raving about this but the lovely Mimi Thorisson (who just got a baby in the most miraculous way possible) of Manger, one of the most inspiring blogs out there, bought a chateau in the French countryside. What makes this super awesome is that she is now planning to open a seasonal bistro as well as to host workshops! Read the full story here.

» Gimme some banana boats.

» So proud of Shelly – the first issue of Driftless Magazine, a magazine focusing on the Midwest, is out in just a few days! Read more about the process of launching an own magazine on her blog, Vegetarian Ventures.

» This Pinterest board. She also has a blog (written in both Italian and English). Thank you Cynthia for sharing it on Facebook!

» This new-to-me bread baking blog (in German).

» "We writers must learn how to become still in our heads, to achieve the sort of stillness that allows our senses to become heightened." The Art of Being Still

» Waiting for the Two Red Bowls pizza delivery service to happen in real life...

» A beauty of a post. 

» The Saveur Best Food Blog Awards 2014 party was last Thursday. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the party, but it seems like everyone had the most amazing time ever. Again, huuuuge congrats to all winners but especially to Stephanie who not only won the Best Cooking Blog category but was, furthermore, honored as Blog of the Year!! *virtualgrouphug* (and she has a cookbook, Easy Gourmet, coming out this fall!!)