A Quiet Afternoon

my blue&white kitchen

I don't have a recipe for you today. Instead, I want to show you how fascinating Finnish nature is. Photography is a funny thing; it makes you perceive your surroundings in a different way. You walk with eyes wide open. You pay attention to details. To things you wouldn't normally stop to stare at and admire.

All these pictures capture things I take for granted, although, I shouldn't. All too often I forget how very fortunate I am to live in a country this beautiful.

It was a quiet afternoon spent at our summer cottage. With temperatures rising above 25°C (80°F), I decided to go into the forest and forage nettles. I was lucky and came home with a big bagful of those stinging leaves. Im curious: have you used nettles in your kitchen? I would love to hear your favorite ways to use them.

my blue&white kitchen

Later today, the sky turned dark. Thunder. Rain.

Once again, nature showed its power. Like it wanted to remind us that nothing should be taken for granted. Nothing at all.