Breakfast Deluxe – Croissants Filled with Brie & Strawberries

Croissants Filled with Brie & Strawberries | my blue&white kitchen

Life is like a chain. A chain of moments. The past weeks have been pretty busy and stressful around here but several small moments have kept me sane. These kind of moments don't need to be big and sensational. No, it's rather the everyday moments that are the ones making your life meaningful.

So I sat down for a while and wrote a list of moments that filled a special corner of my busy, and often messy, brain during the past week. So here it is; my chain of moments.

Listening to bird songs at 4 am. Cherries. Feeling the warm sun on my cheeks. The laughter of a dear friend. Ice cream in a cone. The smell of sun-kissed skin. A black cat sleeping on my lap. Rain drops against the window. Fried asparagus for breakfast. Screaming seagulls. Spotting dandelions. A glass of Kungfu Girl on a Wednesday night; cause girl power. Wearing shorts. And flip-flops. Beer sorbet. Thunder. The smell of freshly baked bread. Encouraging words. A trip to the farmers' market. Stargazing. Freshly ground coffee. Birch trees. Strawberries. Sunbathing on the dock. A bossa nova kind of morning. Pavlova. A blue sky. And blue lake water. The scent of freshly mowed lawn. Yogurt+rye granola+strawberries+agave nectar. Hitting the beach. Mole in my burrito. Nightless summer nights. Screaming at a concert like a teenager. Nettle foraging. A road trip. Pizza night. These muffins. Listening to two middle aged men at the beach: "Is the water warm?" "Yes!" Are you kidding me? 10°C (50°F) IS NOT WARM! Watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Gray rocks. The smell of lilacs on a warm summer night.

Croissants Filled with Brie & Strawberries | my blue&white kitchen

And last but not least, this breakfast deluxe.

Croissants Filled with Brie & Strawberries | my blue&white kitchen

Croissants Filled with Brie & Strawberries

This is what I call a breakfast deluxe. Croissants make every morning feel special but filling them with brie and strawberries makes them even more luscious. I added lettuce leaves for some extra color and the additional texture they provide. To be honest, this can hardly be called a recipe. However, I felt that it's just too delicious to not be shared. I was, actually, introduced to this dish at quite a young age. My mom claimed that this was "overly delicious". I was skeptical to say the least, but it didn't take me long to get to appreciate it as much as she did. You can use good quality store-bought croissants or make your own ones. I have to admit that I've never made croissants at home but am eager to try. Both Linda of The Tart Tart, Melissa of The Faux Martha, and Yossy of Apt. 2B Baking Co. wrote a blog post about the croissants of the legendary Tartine Bakery. I truly can't wait to make the recipe myself!

flavorful lettuce (I used Red Salanova), washed & dried
brie, sliced
strawberries, washed, hulled, & sliced

Using a serrated knife, cut the croissants in half horizontally without cutting all the way through. We want to make a kind of pocket for our fillings. Fill the croissants with lettuce, brie, and sliced strawberries. Honestly, it is impossible to overload them with strawberries so be generous with them. Enjoy with a cup of coffee (either warm or iced) or a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Et voilà!