January Love&Inspiration

My Blue&White Kitchen

It's still winter and yet I can feel spring in the air. The light is changing which at this latitude mainly means that we're finally getting to see the sun more often. This week, I was totally amazed to notice that it wasn't dark outside at 2:30pm! I may or may not have danced a happy dance. Anyway, I'm looking forward to those sunny February days and walks on frozen lakes. After that, I'm ready to welcome spring.

I'm wishing you all a great weekend and to all my pals in North America a fun Super Sunday!

What has inspired me lately...

» Glorious, Green Minestrone with Kale Pistachio Pesto

» So glad I stumbled upon Renée Kemps' gorgeous blog! (Thanks to the interview she did on Food Bandits!)

» This Smokey Shrimp Chowder must be cooked asap. And this Oxtail Macaroni Gratin.

» Sarah of The Vanilla  Bean Blog is working on her first cookbook! It's about baking. Obviously. *crazyexcited*

» Two takes on winter citrus: ricotta crêpes and an upside down cake + I have to make this blood orange marmelade (thanks, Suvi of Suvi Sur Le Vif!)

» Pure Green Magazine isn't only a really fabulous magazine about thoughtful, green, and sustainable living but they also have an inspiring podcast! So far, I've especially enjoyed the episodes with Huckle&Goose (they offer curated seasonal meal plans and I've been honored to work with; they're featuring my Nordic Pea Soup this week!), Lindsey Love of Dolly and Oatmeal and Laura Wright of The First Mess.

» Lindsey, one of the ladies in this food blogging community who inspires me the most, is also working on her debut cookbook! I'm 100% sure that I'm gonna madly fall in love with it. (no pressure, friend!)

» Awesomeness in a bowl vol. 1 by Reclaiming Provencial and vol. 2 by Fairing Well

» Please tell me you've already discovered From The Kitchen, a gorgeous NZ-based food blog

» Some recipes from the web that I've tried this month and that are worth mentioning: Turmeric-Miso Soup, Spicy Red Lentil Stuffed Bell Peppersshakshuka (recipe can also be found in David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen), naan, and chocolate granola (that's what I'm having in the pics!).

» I'm a sucker for Irish Coffee, so this would be perfect for summer: Dublin Iced Coffee

» I want something like this

» GRANOLA!! Cranberry Orange Granola from Cookie & Kate & Granola with Earl Grey (!!) Flavor from What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

» Love the feel of Ordinary Daze, a new, inspiring blog 

» Are you trying to nail down the perfect sourdough bread loaf? I think this guide on The Clever Carrot is fabulous!

» Savoy Cabbage Strudel + a video to get lost in

» I love Belén's work and I'm beyond excited to see her on Freunde von Freunden sharing her gorgeous meals with us.

» Oy, Finnish followers! Be sure to listen to Helsingin Ruokaradio every Tuesday at 5pm on Radio Helsinki. This far, I've really enjoyed the show!

» Also mainly for my Finnish followers, check out the Finnish band ELE (the singer is Eva Louhivuori, better known from the duo Eva&Manu), who are bringing out their debut album this February, and their song Kun Kello Seisoo. I love it and am looking forward to seeing them live on stage.

My Blue&White Kitchen

And here follows the obligatory & most exciting question of all: what are you cooking/baking this weekend? I'm making pizza with Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough! Toppings? At least a variation of the following: prosciutto, chorizo, mozzarella, ricotta, and arugula. Maybe some caramelized fennel too?

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