August Love&Inspiration

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It's the last day of August which basically means it's the last day of summer. I'm going to miss the warm days and all that light. And strawberries. And tomatoes. And.... Oh well, I guess it's time to move forward and welcome a new, wonderful season with crispy mornings, vibrant colors, wild mushrooms, and apples. Hello, fall! Please, be kind to us.

» Green Kitchen Travels is out in only two weeks (or three if you live in the US)! Loved their first book and I'm sure this one will be even better. Hey, and Linda Lomelino will publish her third book, Sweet Food & Photography in September! Sorry international readers, for now it's only available in Swedish. Oh and don't forget to order Easy Gourmet by the lovely Stephanie Le of i am a food blog! I can't wait to get my copy!

» Got totally lost in this blog.

» Fava Bean Hummus

» 22 really handy kitchen cheat sheets

» Totally fascinated by this video – How the Sun Sees You

» I've joined Steller, a wonderful app that helps you create and share stories. For now, I've published a couple of food related stories but am also excited to be able to share some travel stories.

» This stunning summer salad on The Gouda Life.

» Homegrown Swedes

» Nigella Lawson is a goddess. The easiest way to make no-churn ice cream.

» The inspiring Lindsey of Dolly and Oatmeal talking about a wholesome lifestyle and other stuff. Also, her Frozen Salted S'more Sandwiches look to die for.

»  Are your listening to the Spilled Milk Podcast? No? You totally should. It's hilarious. Thanks Sara for the suggestion!

» KRAUTKOPF – A Berlin-based vegetarian food blog that is now also in English! Lovely recipes and gorgeous photography.

» Pork at its best – Cantonese-Style Roast Pork

» Collard Wraps and talking about how overwhelming life can be.

» So how have I not seen this before? Rene Redzepi on Jimmy Kimmel. Hilarious. [Although, when you read the comments, many think he's pissed off while he actually just has a dry, Nordic humor ;)]

» Bubble Tea! Not the kind you're used to...waaaay better.

» My kind of breakfast: Millet Baked with Berries, Spices, & Nuts on one of my absolute favorite blogs at the moment, What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?

» Grilled Oysters rock the world.

» Finally: Ouur

» Grain Free Matcha Granola from Izy of Top With Cinnamon (And yes, she too is releasing a cookbook, Top With Cinnamon: Stylish Sweet and Savoury Recipes! Yay!)

» A breakfast with style: Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

» A great read and a decadent double chocolate brownie recipe.

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July Love&Inspiration

Chanterelles | my blue&white kitchen

There has been so much going on on the Internet lately. So much to get inspired and excited about. For a brief moment I actually considered to shorten this list as it looked sooo long but then I thought it would be unfair to keep you in the dark.

My vacation ended last week, so I definitely need some awesomeness in my life to keep me going (please don't hesitate to share your favorites on the comments below!). Hope you enjoy these links as much as I do.

» Lychee & Rose Boba with Pistachio Jelly – the words, the photos, the pictures, everything (more of the exciting blogger hangout can be seen here on The Bojon Gourmet)

» Valentina of Hortus Cuisine is talking about her approach on food photography. Fascinating. Also, browse the blog for more inspiring interviews!

» S'meaches!

» I love Laura's everyday meals, like these grilled sweet potato + black bean burrito bowls. Also, I made roasted vegetable + quinoa tacos inspired by her recipe. So good! You should also read this interview.

» Noodles! *slurp*

» Summer Squash Soup – such a beautifully written post and gorgeous pictures

» Two women gardening in a township just outside of Cape Town. Inspiring.

» These Sour Cherry Popsicles from The Tart Tart look so dramatic and refreshing!

» I've been a huge admirer of Nathalie and Matilda of Babes in Boyland, and I just love their new series where they visit people's summer cottages. Summer cottages are a huge part of our Nordic culture and they reflect so much of our hearts. Summer cottages aren't grand and fancy, quite the opposite actually. It's a back to the nature, back to the basics kind of thing. Most cottages don't have running water or flush toilets – you have an outhouse, you have a sauna, and most often a lake or the wide open sea. Some don't even have electricity. Summer cottages offer such a wonderful contrast to the hectic city life. For most Scandis, it's the most sacred place they know. It's a love affair, really.

» Need to throw a dumpling party.

» How have I never heard of lavender extract before? A great guide on how to make lavender extract at home.

» In love with Mazama

» Two Red Bowls' and my name is yeh's jointed post. Epic.

» This Montréal-based blog

» Why you have to refrigerate eggs in the U.S. but not in Europe

» Cocktail hour galore – Cucumber Mint Gimlets & Blueberry Mojitos. Also, we shouldn't forget these Balsamic-Roasted Strawberry Margaritas with local strawberries still available.

» Samuji

» I've been reminded to finally make the beer can chicken I've been dreaming about for way too long.

» This sweet cherry pie. And these blackberry meringues. Oh and what about grilled cherry milkshakes?

» Sneh is the creative mind behind the award-winning, Sydney-based food blog Cook Republic. This post about her kitchen renovation made me gasp for air. The before and after pictures are just mind-blowing.

» Going to make Beth's Blueberry, Buttermilk, & Rosemary Brown Butter Cake this weekend with berries from our forest.

» I think I have a crush on the Berlin-based food blog Our Food Stories and their summer cakes, such as Mini Frozen Yogurt Cakes and their Iced Gooseberry Cake

» The most empowering story I've ever heard. If you click on just one link in this post, let it be this one.

» For breakfast I would love to have Iced Coffee and Lemon, Ricotta, & Chia Seed Waffles

» Carey of Reclaiming Provincial is back!!! *happydance*

» Heidi Swanson's blog 101 Cookbooks was one of the first food blogs I started to follow yeeeeears ago. I cook from both her books, Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Every Day, on a regular basis and her blog still inspires me tremendously. Just look at this Lemongrass Miso Soup! *gasp*

Wishing you all a wonderful August!

It's the last summer month here in the north and I've decided
to make the most of it including grill and crayfish parties
as well as late night swims.

June Love&Inspiration

... seeing how, no matter how insane the external circumstance,
the problem and solution ultimately lie in me.
My reactions are the only place pain and stress can occur.
They are in me, not in the world.

I live in light when I choose to. I live in darkness when I choose to.
It’s not always an easy choice; it’s easy to get married to the dark.
To feel like the dark is just. To feel, in the end, like a victim
 be it of an irritating red light or an unhealthy person.

But from the little aggravations to the stomach knotting troubles,
peace is always in me to find.
This year will be serene.
Because I choose serenity.

Beth Kirby

» Some of my favorite posts.

» My friend C. is my partner in crime when it comes to track down awesome music. This is one of her latest finds. Also, can't get this song out of my head.

» For you who don't like pie: Hummingbird High's Rhubarb Curd with Pie Crust Crumble.

» "He gets frustrated when potential customers quiz him about how long Ruis stays fresh. “What kind of fucking question is that?” Kuusisto asks rhetorically, likening it to asking how long a tomato stays fresh, “Until it goes bad, so eat it before!”" Will you join the rye-volution?

» Toasted Oatmeal Ice Cream

» I love Kinfolk magazine. This article from their latest issue, the Saltwater Issue, was pure inspiration; one of my favorites.

» A mind-blowing formula: water + chocolate = chocolate mousse

» To the city of Angels, to the Angels of the city. One of the most touching posts I've ever read.

» Homemade halloumi!

» Joy Wilson aka Joy the Baker talking about facing fears and slowing down on the Lively Show

» The most gorgeous midsummer flower crown. However, this comes as close second.

» Two tremendously talented ladies, one sweet video, and a raspberry rhubarb pie to die for.

» Phi of Princess Tofu talks about food photography. Loved this so much!

» Nutella Latte Popsicles to die for

» Enjoyed reading this excerpt from Written Together by Shanna Mallon, the creative mind behind Food Loves Writing.

» This Strawberry Balsamic Pie looks amazing!

» Curious to know how a summer on a sea fortress (located just a 15-minute ferry ride from the center of Helsinki) looks like? You can follow Jenni, a known Finnish blogger and cookbook author, on her new English blog Foodsters United.

» Ottolenghi talks about ice cream

» 50 Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What Cool Really Means

» I've been tremendously inspired by Cynthia's cooking lately. This Asian Salmon en Papillotte is no exception.

» It was donut day and there was no way to miss it. So many delicious donut posts. Molly made the cutest donuts ever. Melissa shared some pro baked donut and glazing tips (also DONUT GIF!!).

May Love&Inspiration

my blue&white kitchen

Is it really the last day of May already? Wow, time flies by so fast. I'm eager for all that summer goodness; farmer's markets, fresh products, ice cream, lazy days spent at our summer cottage by the lake, weddings, berry picking trips, long summer nights... I'm ready for you, summer!

I know, I know. This is quite a loooong list but there has been so much going on in May! Enjoy.

» My favorite posts.

» To my sweet boy.

» I've been enjoying Wit & Delight lately.

» Have you ever wondered why we Finns and other Nordic people rave about our summers and the midnight sun? Is it really that big a thing? Well, see for yourself.

» Want to learn from the fabulous Diane Cu and Todd Porter of White On Rice Couple? Join me and watch the free live broadcast on CreativeLive – Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling course on June 05 – 07 9:00am – 4:00pm.

» Stumbled upon this amazing Zurich-based blog.

» For the last four weeks, I've been eating homemade bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook: boule, deli-style rye bread, naan, baguette, wurzelbrot, crusty sandwich loaves. Revolutionary is a big word, but it's true for this one. This book is revolutionary. Phenomenal. Stunning. A keeper.

» Let's eat (and also drink) rhubarb as much as we possible can!

» Loved this post on food photography and capturing motion on Edible Perspective.

» Why I now avoid Chinese garlic.

» Enjoyed reading these two interviews on Food52.

» Swedish rhubarb madness.

» An interesting read about cookbook deals (and on turning them down).

» This song. 

» Learn to make Chinese steamed buns and pickled ginger

» I've been enjoying The Lively Show lately. Jess is not only a crazy talented lady herself but she always finds guests who are truly inspiring souls.

» Going to make these absolutely amazing looking ricotta gnocchi from The Tart Tart with nettles! Ricotta gnocchi are my absolute favorites.

» Green Kitchen Stories has now an own video channel on Youtube! *happydance*

» I know I'm a bit late on raving about this but the lovely Mimi Thorisson (who just got a baby in the most miraculous way possible) of Manger, one of the most inspiring blogs out there, bought a chateau in the French countryside. What makes this super awesome is that she is now planning to open a seasonal bistro as well as to host workshops! Read the full story here.

» Gimme some banana boats.

» So proud of Shelly – the first issue of Driftless Magazine, a magazine focusing on the Midwest, is out in just a few days! Read more about the process of launching an own magazine on her blog, Vegetarian Ventures.

» This Pinterest board. She also has a blog (written in both Italian and English). Thank you Cynthia for sharing it on Facebook!

» This new-to-me bread baking blog (in German).

» "We writers must learn how to become still in our heads, to achieve the sort of stillness that allows our senses to become heightened." The Art of Being Still

» Waiting for the Two Red Bowls pizza delivery service to happen in real life...

» A beauty of a post. 

» The Saveur Best Food Blog Awards 2014 party was last Thursday. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the party, but it seems like everyone had the most amazing time ever. Again, huuuuge congrats to all winners but especially to Stephanie who not only won the Best Cooking Blog category but was, furthermore, honored as Blog of the Year!! *virtualgrouphug* (and she has a cookbook, Easy Gourmet, coming out this fall!!)

April Love&Inspiration – The Garden Edition

my blue&white kitchen

I couldn't help myself but share, along with the regular link love, some images from the garden back in Allgäu where I spent Easter.

A garden full of treasures; big and small.

» Posts that made me extremely excited.

» I need some homemade paneer in my life.

» Congrats to all the winners of the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards! So much talent! It was a true honor to be nominated in the first place so thank you.

» This lady has amazed me with her beautiful photography.

» I carried 1 kg (2 pounds) of baby artichokes in my hand luggage all the way from Munich to Finland just to make Valentina's preserved artichoke hearts. Yeah, I like to bring home food from my travels. [I also brought a couple of spices and dried flowers, elderflower jelly, a thing called monk's beard (thanks Valentina for letting me know its name), birk tree printed paper straws, a couple of props...]

» Hands down one of the most thought-provoking (and frankly, quite weird) documentary films I've ever seen: Pina.

» Loved this interview with the Swedish ceramicist Elin Lannsjö.

» What a great post about the process of making a cookbook.

» I made Lindsey's Spinach Chive Pesto and Cynthia's Kimchi Fried Rice (also, I was super excited to see her interview on Food&Wine) as well as Icelandic Cinnamon Pancakes with Chantilly Cream and Pears from Manger. Comfort.

» She is such a brave soul. About living with mental illness.

» I would love to attend this workshop with Luise Brimble at Aran Goyoaga's studio in Seattle.

» You should make bialys with a cracked egg in the middle. Life changing experience. [head here for the basic bialys recipe]

» The Patina Collection Spring & Summer 2014 from inks+thread makes me daydream.

» Kristan of The Broken Bread blog was inspired by my baked blackcurrant ryemeal and made her very own version. Love it!

» The Helsinki-based Freese Coffee Company was featured on Kinfolk.

» Currently reading: Haruki Murakami's newest novel: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Year of Pilgrimage (already available in German).

» There's a chocolate loaf cake baking in the oven right now. It's for tonight's May Day Eve party. Can't wait to have a bite.


Also, the goats living next door wanted to say hi. Hi goats!

my blue&white kitchen


So, what has made you smile/drool/wonder in April? I would love to hear!

Have a joyous May Day everyone!